Introduction #

In the Anglo-Saxon world, the term “computer science” does not exist so directly. There, a distinction is made between two subject areas1:

  • Computer Science: pertains to programming in various languages, algorithms and data structures as well as theoretical computer science
  • Software Engineering: all the rest, i.e. how to use methods and tools correctly, project management methods and tools, project management, clean code principles, tools and instructions for a successful software project.

Key terms. #

Non-functional requirements #

Non-functional requirements complement the use cases and domain model.
Typically they are quantity and quality requirements.

Examples include:

  • Performance (website response time).
  • Quantities (x articles, x concurrent users)
  • Security (logging, audit, consistency checks)
  • Extensibility
  • Usability (number of clicks to function, accessibility)
  • Uniform appearance along the lines of …

  1. Computer Science: Fundamentals With an Introduction to PASCAL, ISBN-9783642786310. ↩︎

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