Introduction #

During my training as a pilot, important and interesting links will be here. All information without guarantee. I will gladly correct errors or inaccuracies (see home page for contact).

Concepts #

  • 5-point check - Safety measure in paragliding. Performed immediately before takeoff.
  • ICAO - International Civil Aviation Organization'.
  • EASA - ‘European Union Aviation Safety Agency’
  • VRV-L - Verordnung des UVEK über die Verkehrsregeln für Luftfahrzeuge
  • VLK - Verordnung des UVEK über Luftfahrzeuge besonderer Kategorien
  • CTR - Controlled traffic region
  • GLDK - Segelflugkarte
  • FIR - Flight Information Region. Switzerland consists of one FIR. In one FIR, flight information and flight alert services are provided
  • CTA - Control Area is an airspace that is limited from one altitude to another.
  • DELTA - Air traffic control center
  • FIC - Air traffic control center
  • IFR - Instrument Flight Rules
  • VFR - Visual Flight Rules
  • ICAO-Klassen C, D, E und G - are airspace classes
    • C: Controlled airspace. IFR and VFR traffic permitted. Air traffic control clearance required.
    • D: Controlled airspace. IFR and VFR traffic permitted. Air traffic control clearance required
    • E: Controlled airspace. IFR and VFR traffic permitted. Air traffic control clearance required for IFR only.
    • G: Uncontrolled airspace. IFR and VFR traffic permitted. Traffic information about other air traffic is given as far as possible
  • TMA - Terminal Area is the airspace around airfields with a CTR.
  • AWY - Airways often have a width of 18km. They are assigned to pilots by air traffic control units.
  • RMZ - Radio Mandatory Zone may only be flown with voice radio to the ground radio station
  • VFR-Manual - Visual Flight Rules Manual
  • GND - Ground
  • tag - Marking for example in the GLDK
  • AMSL - above mean sea level Height above (average) sea level
  • AGL - above Ground level
  • FL - Flight level
  • MIL ON/OFF - Military ON/OFF whether military aviation is planned.
  • HX-Lufträume - Not Permanently Active; No Specific Working Hours and means that the pilot must be constantly ready to listen if the airspace is activated
  • NOTAM - Notice to Airmen are orders and information about change of AIP (Aeoronautical Information Publication)
  • DABS - Daily Airspace Bulletin Switzerland graphically displays airspace restrictions in Switzerland
  • VMC - Visual Meteorological Conditions refers to the minimum weather conditions that must be met in order to perform flights according to visual flight rules.
  • LS-R for gliders ausserhalb TMA - LS = ICAO country abbreviation for Switzerland, formerly gliding zone, now airspace restriction area. These are light green lines on the GLDK. The addition MO means always active except for MIL-ON. The addition MA means that they are requested during MIL ON and are then activated if necessary.
  • LS-R for gliders innerhalb TMA - Formerly glider areas, now airspace restriction area. Are dark green solid lines on the GLDK. They are reserved for gliders and can also be used by hang gliders. Airspace class E applies within activated areas. Listening readiness applies
  • LS-D - These are temporary hazards and restricted areas marked in red on the map, e.g. due to shooting exercises. According to ICAO, they may be flown through with caution and at one’s own discretion. (For a hazard assessment, however, the specific hazard must be known).

Luftraum REfresher 2019 #

The gliding school has a good [presentation].( on its website. Other interesting topics can be found at Safety und Air Space.

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