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Flying Site Liechtenstein #

In the Rhine Valley, the already pronounced valley wind is intensified by north wind or breeze. Caution in lee areas and thermals near slopes -> turbulence. Note smoke plume at incinerator in Buchs. In extreme cases, landing near the Rhine is recommended (delta landing field Triesen).

In bise the flight area is very turbulent and at Bargella downwind or at least north wind must be expected.

Downwind area in north wind at Bargella takeoff site. Especially in the area of the Känzeles (rock to the left of the takeoff site).

Do not fly during foehn and foehn conditions. Danger to life!

Info board SHV

Launch site Foppa #

GPS: 47°08'13.2"N,9°32'34.74"E

Launch site Bargella #

GPS: 47°08'29.34"N,9°32'56.1"E

Launch site Vaduz #

GPS: 47°7'40.2"N,9°31'20.52"E

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