Wiki on topics I’m interested in #

About me #

I’m a DevOps engineer. In 2021 I graduated from the University of Applied Sciences Ost and now use the spare time for my hobbies.

I’m particularly interested in:

  • Climbing
  • Diving
  • Paragliding
  • Model Flight
  • Software Architektur & Software Design
  • Cybersecurity
  • Distributed Systems & New Solutions
  • Open Street Maps
  • Arduino & Raspberry Pi
  • Trading Strategies
  • Fintech

For questions or suggestions you can reach me by Mail

Projects #


Compete with own Android apps at our Treasure Hunt Parcour

I coached 4 teams


Products from independent producers 100% from Europe

Technical support by me


Offers regular Zumba classes

Technical support by me


Inform, network, exchange

One-time revision of the website by me


It aims at the integration as well as the legal equality of LGBTIs in Liechtenstein

One-time technical support and training by me


Is a browser that is fully keyboard usable, but also supports the mouse

I backed it on Kickstarter

Calendar July 20, 2023