Thomas Elsensohn

Software- and Dataengineer


I am a businessman and part-time employee at a financial institution. When I’m not working, I study at the HSR, University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil or spend time with my hobbies.

  • Climbing
  • Diving
  • Cybersecurity
  • Open Street Maps
  • Distributed Systems & New Solutions
  • Arduino & Raspberry Pi
  • Trading Strategies
  • Fintech
  • Software Architektur & Software Design
  • Model Flight
  • Kaufmann mit Berufsmatura, 2012

    Berufs- und Weiterbildungszentrum Buchs

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Compete with own Android apps at our Treasure Hunt Parcour - I coached 4 teams
Selected by Julie
Products from independent producers 100% from Europe - Technical support by me
Selected by Julie
Fitness und Zumba
Offers regular Zumba classes - Technical support by me - IT Crowd Club Liechtenstein
Inform, network, exchange - revision of the website by me
LGBTI Verein Liechtenstein
Aims at the integration as well as the legal equality of LGBTIs in Liechtenstein - Technical support by me.
Qutebrowser - keyboard-focused browser
Is a browser that is fully keyboard usable, but also supports the mouse - I backed it on Kickstarter


Kurspaket: Microsoft-.NET-Framework-Programmierung (CNF)
Kurspaket: Microsoft-.NET-Framework-Programmierung (CNF)
Schnelleinstieg: Entwicklung von Windows-Anwendungen mit Visual Basic.NET
Cambridge ESOL Level 1 Certificate in ESOL International (Business English) BEC Vantage
Cambridge ESOL Entry Level Certificate in ESOL International (Business English) (Entry 3) Business English Certificate Preliminary
Informatik-Anwender II SIZ (Module 202, 202, 322K, 422K)
Cours super intensif - communication
Cours DFP
Cambridge ESOL Entry Level Certificate in ESOL International (Entry 3) Preliminary English Test